The Music Social goes online

The Music Social is a workshop that we run to encourage adult musicians to meet up, share and develop skills, and enjoy making music together.

Normally we meet up in person at one of our studios, but obviously we can’t do that during lockdown – so we’ve moved the meet-up online!

It’s been great having people show up virtually, and they seem to be enjoying the sessions. too.

“Very useful and fun” – SS

“Easy interesting and useful during a pandemic” – JJ

“Inspiring!!” – OW

“Life changing” – SG

Here’s music leader Lee on the process of adapting the workshop to its current online format:

When we started the sessions, I didn’t really know what to expect. I had an idea that we might do some online tutorials at first, but when I started the presentation, we quickly realised this was the first time people had spoken to each other since they were asked to self-isolate and we stopped the sessions. There was a lot of chatter, and at first, my old teacher brain kicked in and I felt a bit upset that they weren’t paying attention!

Then I realised the important thing wasn’t what I was demonstrating, but the community we’d built up around The Music Social and the fact they had the opportunity to reconnect. Keeping the social aspect active has been the primary focus of the sessions as we all reconnect through the music.

The sessions have been running since the beginning of April with the group taking an active role in shaping the content of the sessions. Since then we’ve been doing online hangouts based around tutorials and DJ sessions where the group can request songs for me to mix, learning the art of song selection and often setting me challenges to learn from how I DJ different musical genres and mix songs together.

So far the response has been overwhelmingly positive and I hope that we can start to find a way for the Music Social DJs to perform remotely until we are able to organise our own events again.

You can find The Music Social group on Facebook.

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