We are The Music Works.

We’re here to help young people in Gloucestershire reach their full potential through music.

We’ve been doing this for years and every single week we see young people grow in confidence, take a step forward in their life, do something new and brilliant and inspiring.

Over half of the young people we work with are from challenging circumstances – and the heights they can reach are incredible.

Unfortunately, so are the obstacles that get put in their way. People tell them:

‘It’s too expensive’ or ‘too complicated’ or ‘it’s not for people like you’ or ‘you’re not good enough’.

We want to show young people that NONE of those things are true.

We know the transformation that music can bring – so we do whatever we can to help people make the music THEY want to make:

We support young people of all ages and abilities, from beginner musicians to incredible up-and-coming artists. We put on festivals and gigs and we run fun, relaxed mentoring sessions.

We go into hospitals, we go into classrooms. We have studios you can hire for recording, or that you can drop into for practice sessions.

We run workshops, we do courses, we’ve got holiday clubs…

We use the latest technology and good old-fashioned face-to-face to give people confidence to try things out. And we LISTEN, because we want young people to be heard.

We work with 3000 young people every year delivering more than 50 different programmes in schools and studios across the county.

If you want to see what making music can add to your life, WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!