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Welcome to The Music Works.

We work with all young people to support them to make the music of their choice in the way that is best for them. To help them use music to thrive and develop in music, learning and life.

We work with all young people, all abilities – from those just starting out to those who are trying to enter the industry in a professional capacity.

We focus on knocking down barriers to ensure that all young people , whatever their circumstances can make music.

This introductory leaflet explains briefly how we work and how you or your child can get involved.

At the moment all our stuff is online but we’ll keep updating this as things change. Here’s what’s on offer:

Initial one to one music mentoring

this is a really good place for those who are just starting to make music and those who are more advanced and wanting to fine tune things. When you sign up, one of our music leaders, will have a chat and find out a little more about where you’re at and then assign you a music leader to fit with your interests to work with you for up to ten weeks (you may not want to commit for that long – that’s fine). These sessions are your sessions, they’ll be taken at your pace and we can cover anything from singing/rapping to music production to song-writing. Sometimes they’ll be weekly, sometimes monthly, whatever you need. Towards the end of the ten weeks we’ll chat about how you’re feeling and what you want to do next and come up with a plan of action to move you to the next stage in your music making.

Cost: FREE

Small Group (Drop-in style) sessions;

These are online sessions for young people who would like to come together with others to share ideas and collaborate on songs, facilitated by a TMW music leader. They will take place once a week for a hour and a half.

The Drop (under 12’s)
The Drop (Ages 12 – 16)

Cost: £3 per session

 Youth Voice group

For any young person 14 – 18. If you feel confident to make your own music in your home but just want to be part of something where you can meet others who make music and learn new music tips. Fortnightly online workshops around various music topics such as; releasing music, song-writing, production, recording, etc…

Cost: FREE

Online Resources;

Young people who are ready to make music by themselves without face to face support can continue to make music from home with help and guidance using resources from our microsite 

Cost: FREE

One to one online mentoring sessions  

Continue receiving weekly, fortnightly, or monthly mentoring sessions from your music leader at a cost of £10 per session. Music Leaders will discuss with you what is best and how you would like to continue.

Cost: £10 per session

UPSURGE masterclasses;

For any young person aged 18 – 25 and who is really serious about music and would like to pursue a career in the creative industries, they can attend these monthly industry workshops.

Cost: FREE

TMW Radio show

A weekly radio show hosted on our YouTube page every Friday 11am – 1pm. A chance for young people to listen in, request songs and chat with other listeners. If young people want to share songs with their music leaders, we can play them on the radio show.

Cost: FREE

Commercial Studio sessions / Online one-one sessions

As we slowly return to face to face sessions we are phasing with the running of our studio commercial sessions. If young people are interested in using our community studio and making their own songs, their music leader can arrange a commercial session. 

(Before booking please check COVID19 studio risk assessment and Safeguarding protocols for under 18’s)

Cost: £10 per hour

Cost. We don’t ever want money to be a barrier to music-making. All of our work is funded so we can either offer it free or at a reduced rate. If you can afford to pay we ask that you make a donation (gift aid if you can) to go towards our ongoing fundraising to support those who can’t.